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Kirk Whiteman is a decorated track cyclist and coach to World and National champion athletes. On the track, Kirk is a multiple time World & National Champion and was a member of the 2000 Olympic/Paralympic Team.

During his formative years, as well as most successful years of racing, Kirk coached himself - meticulously researching and testing the best training methods. He has been nicknamed the "Bike Whisperer" for his unique repertoire of techniques and strategies to motivate athletes to perform at their highest level and to continuously hone their competitive skills.

Since opening TEMPO cycling & pilates studio, Kirk has coached track, road, mountain and cyclocross cyclists and triathletes to spectacular results -

  • 24 World Championship medals, including 10 crowned World Champions
  • 68 National Championship medals
  • 45 OBRA Track Championship medals (Senior & Masters events)
  • Multiple top place finishes in Criterium, Cyclocross, and Mountain Bike events

Kirk utilizes high-intensity interval training efforts on the Phantom 3 bikes to increase cardiovascular endurance, power output, and improve pedal efficiency and speed for athletes of all ages. No gimmicks. We're interested in helping people get the results they want, injury and burnout free!

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