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Welcome to the VeloPro affiliate request page. Here you can request access to become a VeloPro affiliate. Once you complete the requested information, we will get back to you shortly. Thanks for your interest in VeloPro!

General Information

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The name of the service you would like to display to users. Note that this will be used throughout the website, so it should be fairly short and catchy.

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Social Media Information

Please enter the following social media links and VeloPro will add them at the bottom of every page. Leave blank and VeloPro will simply not show the social media link.

Strava Information

Enter the following Strava information if you would like your users to be able to import rides from Strava. If any of the following is not entered, the Strava import feature will not be available. Click here for instructions on how to establish a Strava developer account and gain access to the requested info below.

Copy the Strava Client ID here by logging into the your Strava developer account.

Copy the Strava Client Secret here.

Copy the Strava Access Token here.